Greet Meijer

My name is Greet Meijer (born 1961). As a social worker I have counselled individuals, couples and families who were dealing with a wide variety of issues.

My increasing interest in bodywork led me to complete the three-year professional training to become a rebalancer. Bodywork is a direct way to make contact. I started my practice in 2006. In 2013 I became a bodyoriented  trauma therapist  by the method of Somatic Experiencing ® 

Your body is a rich source of information about how you are.
Body-awareness and caring attention together provide you with a treasure of resources that you can use to live your life as close as possible to the person that you really are.

Acceptance of yourself and willingness to let go, instead of fighting against yourself, or pushing yourself to change are important intermediate steps.
In my life this brought more relaxation, more freedom, more energy, more peace and more joy of life.
I am happy to use sessions to pass this on.

As continuing education, I did level 1 of Trager, a years training at the Dutch school for rebalancing and a HBO-course medical basic knowledge.
I joined the professional group VNT. This professional group provides me with continuing education and supervision. 


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