Massage: a basic course Massage and Rebalancing®

Massage is about touching and being touched. Touching is not only pleasant; it is also a basic need of people. Massage helps your body and mind to relax. Massage offers you a moment of rest and attention to yourself, for warmth and nourishment for the inner person. It gives space to experience how you are. By bringing consciousness into your body, stress and tension can be released.

During the course the participants learn several rebalancing techniques in order to be able to give a total massage.
Your own position and the effective use of your own body are an important part of the course. We pay attention to the quality of your touch and the effect of the awareness of both the giver and the receiver during the session.

The course is meant for people who want to learn how to massage in a relaxed and fun way. And for people who want to experience what it is like to be touched with attention.
Both beginners and experienced people are welcome. The course is also suitable for people that can use massage in their profession, such as therapists, beauticians and sports masseurs.


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