A Rebalancing session usually starts with an introductory conversation in which we explore what you are dealing with at the moment. This might be a physical or psychological symptom, an event or themein your life.

The session continues on the massage table. I invite you to learn to feel without judging, and with a friendly approach to yourself. We inquire into the effects in your body and listento what it has to tell you.

In daily life we tend to focus on the need to change ourselves. We often forget that an accepting and friendly approach to ourselves is an important intermediate stage.
Accepting who we are and where we stand at the present moment gives space for who we really are instead of who we think we should be.

I support you in this process of releasing tension.
To do this I employ several techniques: touch/massage, breathing awareness, conversation techniques, self-inquiry, meditation and body language.

A session lasts 1,5 hours.
Often it requires several sessions before the results of rebalancing are apparent.

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