Why Rebalancing®

Life brings everyone beautiful experiences as well as painful experiences.
When the spontaneity, frankness and openness of a child who feels safe are not appreciated, or even punished, he learns to hold back, to brace himself, block his feelings and he becomes stuck.

So we learn to lock away difficult experiences by putting tension in the body. These unprocessed experiences effect our posture, respiration and muscle tension. Over time the body begins to develop physical and emotional symptoms, such as: tiredness, neck, back and shoulder symptoms, headache, dejectedness, worrying, personal problems, sleeplessness and other signs of stress.
As a result we tend to think negatively about ourselves. We think we are doing something wrong and need to change. So we try even harder in our work or relationships. We drive ourselves even harder, or escape in distraction and neglect our symptoms.

Changing is often very hard. This is because we skip an important step: acceptance and being friendly towards ourselves. Rebalancing views the body's signals as signposts pointing the way to unprocessed feelings and desires. Your body knows what you need to become aware of and what your inner self wants.
Rebalancing helps you to listen to what your body is saying to you.
Through acceptance, awareness, caring attention and deep relaxation, more joy in life and freedom of choice can be achieved

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